These events are only for high school team members (9-12th grade next school year)


Hello Greater North Conference Anglers:

The Greater North High School Conference tournament registrations are open.  Below are the tournaments along with the online registration links:


High school in-conference tournament registration will close on May 15th.  It will reopen again on May 17th to allow students from any conference to register.  Registration for all tournaments will close permanently on May 31st.      

Things to keep in mind as you register:

1) Use Google Chrome when registering.


2) Upon registration completion, the email address entered will be used by Google Forms to send a summary of the responses.  This email will contain a link that allows update to the information.  KEEP THIS EMAIL TO UPDATE YOUR RESPONSES AT A LATER TIME. 

3) Upon registration completion, an automated email from is sent to the coach which includes all responses from their respective team. After initial entry of the form, the registrant and coach will receive a confirmation email.  Save this email as it will allow you to make changes later.


4) Each angler must have their parent initial their respective liability waiver question.  If a parent is not available upon initial registration, mark as 'tbd' and have the parent update prior to registration close date.


5) All registration questions are marked as required.  If the team registering does not yet know an answer to a question such as their boater, they can enter 'tbd' for the answer and update later. 


6) All questions must be completed by May 31st.


7) Launch order will be random.