Q1: There are a lot of events, does my son or daughter have to participate in a certain number?

A1: No. Participate in as many or as little as you would like. 

Q2: Are there required practices?

A2: Unlike traditional sports like football and volleyball, there are no official practices. To practice, go fishing whenever you can with family or friends. Team meetings will try to incorporate some fishing related educational topics. Participate in these as much or as little as time allows.

Q3: Do students need access to a boat to participate?

A3: No. These are the exact students we want to join the team; those that would otherwise have limited opportunities to go fishing. The biggest challenge for coaches in this sport is sourcing enough boat volunteers for on-water events. Even if your student has access to a boat for events, please consider asking friends, neighbors and relatives to assist with providing boats for other anglers.

Q4: What are the requirements for fundraising?

A: Every team member is encouraged to participate in the various fundraising opportunities we are offered throughout the year. Do your best to help, some families have already raised hundreds of dollars and their efforts are a huge reason why this team continues to exist today. Visit the Fundraising Tab to learn more about current opportunities. The funds raised will be used for plaques, prizes and refreshments at our events. 

More to come.........